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15th November 2009

Surrey Street Dance Championships (SDI)

The Dynamic Duo, Strike Again!

Some of the Pupils from (Herne Bay) DanceDomain attended the Surrey Street Dance Championships, and all that attended made a final and returned home with many trophies!

Excellent considering this was a very well attended, well in fact sold out event, so a large number of opposition.

This was the first S.D.I. Competition they had attended so they was dancing against schools they had not yet come across, and after all the hard work an effort put in by our pupils who have not been dancing street dance for very long, they have all done so very well indeed and are all a credit to DanceDomain. Well done to all of you who went, keep up the great work, but most importantly keep on enjoying it!

Your First SDI Street Dance Competition!

What Great Results in such a short time, well done!!


Billy (Age 6) "The Kid" & Nancy "Pants" (Age 6) 1st Place

Future Stars above are both 6 Years Old and was Billys first ever competition! They dance in the Under 10's Duo's beating all the older dancers! Well Done

Below our U12's Duos took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Place.

Above: Jodie (left) & Demi 1st Place U12 Street Dance Duo's

Above: Jordan (left) & Maisey 2nd Place, U12 Street Dance Duo's

Above: Jasmine (left) & Freya 3rd Place, U12 Street Dance Duo's

Above: Jess (left) & Aleya 4th Place, U12 Street Dance Duo's

Under 14 Duos, Caitlin (Left) & Katie 2nd Place

Below our under 16 years Street Dancers dominated again 1st 2nd & 3rd

1st Place (from right to left) Sophie & Aaron - 2nd Steph & Tom - 3rd Sophie & Emily (awaiting individual images)

Bellow Over 16 - 3rd Place Jess & Jo


Under 10 1st Nancy "Pants" & 3rd Place Billy "The Kid"

More Results Awaiting Images

Jodie 5th

Demi 3rd

Alyia 5th

Tom 2nd

Sophie M 3rd

Sophie C 6th

All others dancers made the Semi-Finals, This was excellent due to the amount of entries and the good standard, so Well Done All Of You!



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