South East Streetdance Challenge 2010

Amazing Results

The SouthEast Streetdance Challenge back in 2009 was our very first streetdance promotion in Kent, although not the first time we have promoted a dance competition we have been doing this since 1990 soley and jointly with other well respected promoters in the dance indusrty. We introduced the UDO to Kent, and one year later we have had a string of successful events offering other dance schools the chance to compete against some of the UK's best. Our aim was always to have a high standard at these competitions as we believe that attending competitions of a lower standard is just fooling yourself, so being up against the best dancers is more challenging and more rewarding even if you do not make a final. We are so pleased to have such fantastic school from across the south east and even further afield attend our events.

Our dancers once again did very well indeed and we are so very proud of them for what they have achieved, your see below our success just keeps going!.


Here are some results.


We currently have no pictures of Duos, Quad & Team Results

Fusion team was placed 2nd and Rebellious was placed 2nd, Rebellious who gained a 1st at the last competition danced with three dancers missing too, so well done.

Nancy Nails it into the Advanced Section!

Nancy Aged 7 and winner of the Intermediate U8's at The British Streetdance Championships and 3rd in the recent World Streetdance Championships, she has now one her fourth intermediate section now means she will be moved up into the Advanced Section.

So lots of work now for Nancy, but she always gives it 110% so good luck to her.

Rory Does It Again!

Rory Entered his first competition back in July and won the Under 10 Newcomer, he moved up to the intermediate section where he won this section. He has been with DanceDomain for 6mths and had never dance before, but this young man has worked very hard and is one too look out for in the future.

Well Jodie did it again coming Second place to Rory (Above) but looking at the marks it was just one point in it! so close but what an excellent performance.

U10 Intermediate Domination - 1st - 2nd - 3rd & 5th

Yes and to continue the line up in the Under 10 Intermediates was Anna-Rae placed third and again it was tight placing in the marks for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, they was all so amazing and below little Shula who has just moved up into the age group as she so much smaller than the other dancers being just 8 years old but she held her own and made the final being placed 5th.

Below: George First Streetdance Competition 2nd Place U12 Newcomers


Below: U12 Intermediate we had three dancers in the Final out of five gaining 1st - 3rd - 4th Jasmine winning first backed up her second place at the World Streetdance Championships, you just keep getting better Jazzy!

Below: 3rd Place with an Amazing performance from Kelsie in her First Under 12 Intermediate it she looked swamped by all the big dancers, but she got to final with what we think was her best performance so far. Kelsie celebrated her Birthday at this event and she was presented with a massive big cake from her parents. So Happy Birthday and well done!

Below: Alyiah danced extremely well being placed 4th in such a tough competition was amazing.

Below: U14 Intermediate our Aaron who is due to appear with Tynchy Stryder on the Disney TV channel gained a 2nd place in this very hard division.

Below: U16 Intermediate Emily danced amazing and to make the semi final would have been amazing as the standard was awesome. But Emily managed to make the final so well done.


Below: Over 16 Intermediate Sophie gained 4th, and sadly this is her last competition as she has decided to give up now and work on her academic exams in 6th form where she hopes to get a place in university. We will sadly miss her and wish her all the best. Although we will still see her as her brother has recently started to compete and this was his first competition and he made the semi-finals so well done to Anthony.

Below: 1st place in the U14 Advanced was awarded to Belle - We have to say a big well done to her as she has worked so very hard and was actually not going to compete due to illness but she insisted on this. Having just gained 4th at the World Streetdance Championships in what was said to be the hardest and highest standard seen for U14 Advanced she is soon off to Disney to Perform too. Everyone loved her free styling in the Solo Spot section to what was a rather hard piece of music. We all wish you luck Belle for your showcase and competition in Europe Next month.

Belle performing her Solo Spot and Free-styling - Winning the 14 Advanced