British Street Dance Championships 2011

It was a fantastic weekend, our dancers done us proud up against a very very high standard.


British Results

With tough competition in all sections our dancers did exceptionally well. Its one thing winning or making a final of a local small competition, but we believe to really know just how good you are you have to attend the biggest and toughest events, and this was tough!

The highlight of the weekend was the Solo spot delivered by young Rory who having never danced a step before he joined dancedomain just some eight months ago he totally smashed it making not only room atmosphere change but had the judges jumping and running around, even throwing there hats at him. It was a moment that our whole school was proud of off. Hearing parents of other pupils excited as if he was there own child shows the support for each other we come to expect within our school. Another great addition to this is that Rory was originally aspired to take up Streetdance by Akia and he got the chance to meet him.

But the success did not stop there.... as your see below!


Winner of the U10 Advanced - British Streetdance Champions 2011

Above: Totally nailing it, 9 year old Rory - Watch out for this young man in the future, but can you spot him in the photo as he is swamped by his Trophy and Sony Stereo Prize.

Above: Our Lil British Champ Nancy A.K.A. "Pants" 3rd Place Under 8 Advanced

Above: U12 Intermediate was one big big competition and to make the quarter finals is great, to make semi finals excellent, but to make the final is a great achievement. Placed 5th in the final was Kelsie who show such passion for a place in a final during the many rounds!


Above: U12 Intermediate Duos was a tough competition, but young Ellie and Kelsie did all they had been asked to do in their lessons and made the final being placed 5th... well done girls!


Above: U14 Quad - Chloe, Keira, Layla, Lauren - 3rd Place in the U14 Quads. What an achievement being made up of three intermediate dancers and one newcomer this quad battled its way to the final to finish 3rd Place. This was amazing as they was up against all the Advanced Dancers too in this Open Section.


DanceDomain The Home Of Champions

British 2011 Photo Gallery


Above: DanceDomain Pupils with Chris & Wes (Sky 1 Got To Dance)

Above: Chloe & Essrah with Akia



More Fun For 2011

Yes, its going to be Great! - May 6th/7th/8th 2011


Our next weekend event away is National Streetdance Challenge 2011