World Streetdance Championships 2010

Amazing Results

With just a hand full of dancers set off to enter The World Streetdance Championships 2010 we knew that this would be the tester for our dancers. The standard was high, the quantity of dancers was massive and so it was tough competitions for everyone.

But even though we was armed with just a handful of dancers we returned home with more than a handful of awards see below.


Here are the results.


Nancy Aged 7 and winner of the Intermediate U8's at The British Streetdance Championships does it again at the World Streetdance Championships fighting off tough competition and making the final where she was placed 3rd. Its Amazing achievement for young Nancy and there is more to come we are sure.

Streetdance Sisters Make World Streetdance Championship Final

Jodie Aged 9 was the U10 Intermediate British Streetdance Champion Back in Febuary and did it again in what was a really tough competition, but Jodie gained 3rd Place in the final at the World Streetdance Championships. With 2nd going to Ireland and 1st to Holland. Sister Jasmine has her work cut out along with Freya who made the semi finals, but Jasmine pulled out all the stops in the semi-final and made her way to the Final of the World Streetdance Championships under 12 intermediate section and gained 2nd Place 

Well done to Freya making Semi-Final in Solo this was a great achievement in such tough event.

Also Masie for her excellent performance in duo quads really danced well making semi-finals

Well done Belle who last year won 2 World Titles but having turned 12 now she had to dance in the older age group and this year gained 4th place Advanced Section, reports from professionals who watched this said it was the toughest standard they seen in the final of the category before. So a great achievement for her.

Quad Success

Nancy Age 7, Maze Age 10, Jodie Age 9 & Jasmine Age 11 teamed up just for the World Streetdance Championships and entered the U14 Quads. This section includes Newcomer, Intermediate and advanced dancers and we was very pleased with them making the Semi-Final the standard was amazing. There was 57 Quads in this section and they made the top 9

Images from World Streetdance Championships

Above: Our Dancers with Unity

Above: Some of our dancers got up very early and where live on GMTV at 6:30 am promoting Streetdance with David Grant